The Advantages of Rechargeable Camping Lanterns

There are campers out there that think a lantern is just a lantern, to which we respond there are lanterns and lanterns. When camping, you need light, and there are a number of different camping lanterns to choose from ranging from good, better, and best. We have reason to believe a rechargeable led camping lantern is the best route to take and here’s why:

  1. Lightweight. Compared to gas lanterns, rechargeable camping lanterns are light as a feather. Gas lanterns are typically made of glass and have metal canisters that add weight that rechargeable lanterns are able to eliminate. The lighter the weight of the lantern the more versatile it can be, whether it be to light up the card table or take it for your bathroom break.
  2. User-friendly. With the variety of led camping lanterns like liquid fuel, gas, or even candle, rechargeable led camping lanterns are alternatives that offer ease of use. All you have to do it switch it on and light is available. This saves you from having to remember to bring other items on the trip like gas to fuel the lantern or matches to light the candle. If you happen to have kids joining you on a camping trip, spoiler alert: they will more than likely drop a gas lantern and break the glass. Skip to the good part and allow them to carry a rechargeable lantern without worry.
  3. Safe. LED camping lanterns with flames always come with a small risk of causing a fire, but rechargeable lanterns don’t require a babysitter. By avoiding a kerosene powered lantern, you can eliminate potential fumes.
  4. Convenient. The right rechargeable camping lantern offers a number of ways to keep it up and running. There are led camping lanterns that can be charged via AC plug, DC plug, dynamo crank function, or with solar panels.